About Me

Hello fellow readers!

I’m usually not the best when it comes to about me’s but here goes nothing. My name is Beatriz, I’m from Brazil and I am a 20 year old who loves to drink coffee and curl up with a good book. When I’m not reading you can find me either binge watching Bob’s Burgers or eating my entire kitchen. I love to make friends so feel free to stop by and message me so we can bond over beautiful books together.

I haven’t read that many books compared to a lot of book bloggers, but I am hoping that my blog will motivate me because I can be very prone to slumps.

My favorite genres include: Mystery, Horror, Fantasy, Contemporary and Historical Fiction (YA or NA)

Genres I don’t usually pick up but occasionally read: Science fiction, Romance and Classics

I am a pretty open minded person so I will try out and read any type of book if the synopsis intrigues me, even if it is outside my comfort zone

My Goodreads page

Random things about me that has nothing to do with books (just so you guys know a bit about me as a person):

  1. I’m a movie junkie, seriously I love watching movies any type as long as the plot is interesting and engaging.
  2. I have lived in 4 different countries: Brazil (where I was born), Canada (Ottawa), United States (MD) and Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo).
  3. Going along with that I can speak 4 languages but I still have to work on all of them daily because I can get rusty if I don’t practice enough.
  4. Rainy weather is my favorite kind of weather.
  5. I love sweaters they are just so cozy.
  6. White chocolate is my drug.
  7. I am a journalist major.
  8. I have a slight obsession with Emma Watson.
  9. I am a comma over user, I’m currently working on it.
  10. I love to draw and paint even though my skills are lacking a lot.
  11. I want to learn as many languages as I possibly can before I die.
  12. Just as I was making this list I was attacked by a bug, I hate bugs

Making that list just made me realize I’m actually pretty lame haha but I hope you stick around for my shenanigan postings.

Thanks for reading  ❤