My New Uploading Schedule


Hey guys I’m back!

I hope you guys had a lovely week. Well, I survived my first week of university and l loved it, I adore all my professors and my classmates. The only downside was that I got bombarded with assignments and had no time for myself. Every time that I got home from uni and drivers ed I ended up passing out on my bed. But now that drivers ed is finally over and I have an idea of how my uni schedule is going to be like, I can now fit my blog back into my life, woohoo! I don’t think I’ll be able to make a post for everyday of the week, at least not right now, so instead I’m going to post every other day. So here is the new schedule that I’ve made for myself.

Monday: Book Tags

Wednesday: Top 5 Wednesday – If there is a prompt that I don’t like or don’t have answers too then I’m going to be posting something else on that day.

Friday: Weekly Top Favorites 

Sunday: Creative Writing

I still want to keep my international book post, but instead of doing it weekly I’m changing it to monthly that way I have enough time to read it. This post will be posted on the first day on each month.

I also decided to have my wrap ups monthly as well and will be posting it the last day of each month.

Book reviews will be posted whenever I finish a book. My goal is to have a review up at least once a week.

If I have weeks that I know I’ll have time to create more posts then I will but for right now thats the schedule that I’m going to be following.

I want to thank you guys again for being so patient with me and sticking around ❤

Thanks for reading ❤


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