Writing Prompt #1


Hey guys!

I’m finally posting my very first Saturday post! I love reading, but I also really love writing. Since my writing skills aren’t that great I decided to work on it this year. This post will allow me the creative outlet that I’ve been craving for and lets me better my writing skills. So please let me know your thoughts, and if there is anything I should improve on. I welcome any sort of helpful criticism.

This weeks prompt: Write a story that’s pure and beautiful but the last sentence makes it deeply disturbing.

There are roughly 5 things about her that I simply couldn’t help but love. The first was her smile it was so radiant and beautiful. She would smile all the time, to strangers, to friends, and most importantly, to me. She smiled at me differently it wasn’t toothless, which made my heart leap every time. I have tried smiling like her once, but my cheeks began hurting after a minute.

The second was her hair, it was so soft and smooth and it always smelled like fresh apples. I asked her where she bought her shampoo and conditioner and she told me that she bought it the store, the one down the street from her house. I bought one right away after school, but it didn’t smell like apples. It didn’t smell like her. So I threw it away.

The third was her laugh. God, she had this laugh that would vibrated through my soul. I could hear it from miles away it was music to my ears. A day did not go by that I didn’t hear her melody and I loved it. She on the other hand hated it, would always refer her laugh as “ugly”, but there was no such thing as ugly when it came to her. But she never believed me, and that frustrated me beyond end. She had no idea what an ugly laugh was truly like because I made sure not to laugh around her.

The fourth was how caring she was. When we first met I was crying in the girls bathroom. It was the first week of 1st grade and I wasn’t getting along with anyone, all I wanted to do was go home and hide under my bed. She came into the bathroom shortly after my little meltdown and she just stood there. I was about to leave when she abruptly asked me if I wanted to play with her during our last recess. I nodded yes and she smiled. We have been inseparable ever since.

The fifth were her eyes. They sparkled when she talked about her favorite things, like red velvet cupcakes or her collection of old movies. They got small when she would laugh. They would go still and fill with emotions when she was sad. They would go droopy when she was tired. But most importantly, her beautiful eyes went soulless the minute I stabbed her in the back.

Thanks for reading ❤



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