International Book of the Week #3


Hey everyone!

I’m back! Last week was definitely not my week, first the whole issue with the wi-fi at my house, then I got really sick. But now, I’m back and ready to be active on here again.

download.pngThis weeks international book of the week is: 
Media Criticism and Cultural Hegemony.

Original title: Crítica da Mídia e Hegemonia Cultural.

Original language: Portuguese.

Why I chose this book: This was a christmas gift from one of my wonderful brothers. I’m going to be studying journalism in university very soon, and thought this would be a great book for me. This book sounds pretty interesting and I’m really excited to get to it.

What this book is about: This book talks about multiple topics such as, printing and the revolution, culture and power, liberty of speech, politics, and the list goes on and on. Its 273 pages long, so I hope I can finish it by this week. I’m a pretty slow reader in Portuguese, cos I often times have to look up a word I don’t understand, but I’m confident I’ll get through it this week.

The only annoying thing is, that this book isn’t on Goodreads, so I’m not sure how I’m going to be adding this to my Goodreads challenge.

I haven’t done a Sunday wrap up yet, but this Sunday I plan on finally doing one. Since I didn’t post at all last week, I will be combining both wrap ups on this upcoming Sunday post.

I want to thank you all for being so patient with me and sticking around. I honestly thought I was going to be back on here and have lost half of you, so thank you for sticking around, it means a lot <3.

Thanks for reading ❤


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