Top 5 Wednesday #4: Favorite Polarizing Books + It’s My Birthday!


668abfc77f72d95289b20ffaafeea85aGuys I turn 20 today!!! Isn’t that wild? It feels like it was only yesterday that I turned 16, and I felt so grown up back then. But now looking back, I was still a wee little baby. But 20, oh man, I feel so old.

This week’s topic: Favorite Polarizing Books – These are books that people either tend to love or hate, with no in between. Pick some of your favorites that fall into this category.

You can find the Goodreads group here.

1. Harry Potter by J.K Rowling


How can I not add this one to the list? Some people hate it, some people love it and I’m definitely with the latter on this one.

2. Animal Farm by George Orwell


I actually wasn’t aware of the controversy surrounding this book, until after I read it and read the reviews. I absolutely loved this book and find it a super important book that everyone should read.

3. Twilight by Stephenie Meyer


I personally love the first book. I feel like I have mentioned this so many times now on this blog. But its true, I don’t find the book THAT bad. I genuinely enjoy it and I’m not ashamed! Don’t get me started on the other three books…definitely should have been a stand alone book, or at most a duology, But oh well.

4. Lord of the Flies by William Golding


I haven’t read this book since 9th or 10th grade, but I remember loving it at the time, while my classmates hated it. So I’m going to classify this as a polarizing book. I don’t remember much of what happens in the story. I should re read this one day to see if I still feel the same.

5. Looking for Alaska by John Green


I really liked this book before it became the hype and I get why some people don’t like it. But I really did, sure Alaska was annoying but there was something so fascinating about her.

And that’s my list! Do you agree or disagree? Let me know!

Thanks for reading ❤


33 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday #4: Favorite Polarizing Books + It’s My Birthday!

  1. Happy birthday!!!! All the best on this wonderful day!
    Also, I loooooooved Twilight! I was actually very much obsessed with it for many years. As for Looking for Alaska, initially I very much loved the novel but later with years my opinion changed.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you ❤ There's just something so special about twilight, even with all its flaws. I haven't read Looking for Alaska since I read it the first time and I don't think I'll ever do a re-read because I have a feeling my opinions on the book will change as well.


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