My Weekly Top Favorites #1


I’m always obsessing over something and sometimes I just want to go crazy and fangirl. Hence why I thought of this weekly post. This way, I get to share my emotions (I have many), recommend some good stuff to you guys and maybe we can fangirl together.

skamTV Show: Skam

Guys, this show is easily one of my favorite shows of all time. If you haven’t watched it, I HIGHLY recommend you do so. It’s a Norwegian show, skam meaning shame in Norwegian, but you can easily find it with english subtitles (I’ll actually link the videos I watched up above, if anyone is interested). If any of you have seen skins, its kind of like that but a watered down  version, aka I can watch it when my parents are around. There are 3 seasons so far, and each focuses on a main character, and every issue that the characters go through are pretty relatable or at least very relevant in today’s society. Be warned, I found season 1 just a little bit boring in the beginning but trust me, it gets better.

What I find super interesting about this show is that it’s shown in real time when it was released. So if the characters are having a discussion at 9am during school on a Tuesday then the clip will be shown at 9am on a Tuesday when normal teens are at school. Or if they are at a party at 2am on a Friday the clip will be released at 2 am on a Friday. Thats why you’ll notice the time and day will always be shown when they start a new day. Then at the end of the week all the clips are compiled and released as an episode. Hm, I’m not that great at explaining but you can always look it up and I’m sure you’ll find a better explanation. But basically, people never knew when the next part was going to happen until it happens.

edfriends1234Song: Shape of You by Ed Sheeran

When I found out that Ed Sheeran was going to be releasing new songs I was so excited. Anything that man creates is gold, and this song is so catchy. I love it and I can’t stop replaying it. I always start my morning off jamming out to this song and it makes me so happy. (currently listening to it while I type this post hehe)

rem_effect_ebook_cover_2Book: The R.E.M Effect by J.M. Lanham  

I was actually sent this book in exchange for an honest review, and I started reading it this week. I’m honestly hooked. This is a sci-fi book and will be discussing it more on my review (that will hopefully be up this week). But I’m loving this book so far, hopefully it ends with a bang.

Short post I know, but those are few of the things that I’m currently obsessing over.

Tell me something you are currently obsessed with, or if you have heard/seen/read any of my current obsessions, let me know below!

Thanks for reading ❤


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