Bookish Thoughts #7: My Blog Posting Schedule & What to Expect From Me


Since starting this blog, I’ve only been posting whenever I felt like, and because of that, my posting has been very inconsistent. So I have decided that, starting tomorrow, I will be posting at least one blog post everyday. I have assigned themes to each day so I don’t get sidetracked so here they are:

Monday – International book of the week.

  • I pick a book written in another language. I love reading books from other countries but I don’t do it often enough. So, I decided that every Monday, I’ll be picking a book that is either translated in english or written in its original language (if I can read/understand it). On the Monday post, I’ll be talking about what the chosen book is about, where it’s from, why I chose it etc. Then when I finish reading it, I’ll discuss it in my Sunday wrap up, and I may also have a more in depth review depending on the book.

Tuesday – Current Favorites.

  • I’m actually not sure if this is already a thing, let me know if it is. But, every Tuesday I’ll be listing my current favorites whether it’s a favorite book, movie, tv show etc. And since I get obsessed with so many different things, I figured this could be my little fan girl post. I’m still deciding on if I want to just list one thing  or post 5 or so favorites a week.

Wednesday – Top 5 Wednesdays.

Thursday – Tags.

  • So feel free to tag me in any tags or challenges.

Friday – Free for all.

  • I’m going to leave this open for any bookish related posts or feelings that I want to talk about.

Saturday – Creative Writing.

  • This can be either writing prompts or writing challenges.

Sunday – Weekly Wrap Ups & Reading Challenge Updates.

I decided that reviews will be up whenever I finish a book. So I could have a review up on a Friday or a Monday and that means I’ll have two blog posts that day. I want to have at least 1-2 reviews up a week.

Other posts that may come and go depending on the months, such as, read-a-thons, NaNoWriMo updates etc. I will just chose a day to write them and on that day you’ll get two blog posts from me until the challenge ends. I hope this made sense.

I really needed to do this so I can be more organized  and be more active with this blog, but without spamming you guys with several posts a day.

Also, I want to be more active with your blogs as well, such as reading, liking and commenting on your blog posts. Recently, I’ve been pretty bad at this because there are so many posts yet so little time. But I promise I’ll be better at this soon.

One last thing, I might change my theme just because I find it a bit bland, and I want my blog to be more interesting to look at. I will give you guys a heads up when I do decide to make a change, because I don’t know how long it takes for a new theme to kick in.

Wow okay, this was one long rambling post. But I hope you guys like this new schedule that I made myself. And hopefully things will go a lot more smoothly now.

Thanks for reading ❤



7 thoughts on “Bookish Thoughts #7: My Blog Posting Schedule & What to Expect From Me

  1. Good luck with keeping to a schedule! I have a schedule too, and it’s so much easier than posting whenever I want. I change my schedule weekly though, especially depending on the Top Ten Tuesday or Top 5 Wednesday topic, as I don’t always do them and I’m trying to cut back on my weekly memes.


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