Short Story #1: Funeral


A few weeks ago, I had a really hard time falling asleep, and for some reason the later it gets the more creative I feel. So at 4am I got out my phone and started typing away, and thus this short story was born. I hope you guys enjoy!

Her fingers glided across the clothes that hung from her closet. She had to pick the perfect outfit, it was her first funeral after all. But which one to choose? She had absolutely nothing funeral appropriate. She sighed as she continued to rampage her closet, “but no one will care what I wear, it’s not like they’ll see me” she sighed as she picked up a black t-shirt. And of course, It was stained. She threw it aside and he eyes shifted to the back of her closet. “That’s it!” She exclaimed, the perfect attire. She picked up the black dress from the floor. Her mother had picked it out for her a few years back, but she never wore it. She put the dress on, it fit a little snug, but she didn’t care “mother will appreciate this”. She put on some nude tights and her favorite black pumps. She looked over at her makeup and contemplated on whether putting it on was worth the effort. She was already all dressed up, so why not? Besides, one only has their first funeral once, so might as well dress up.

Once she was done getting ready, she went downstairs. It was quiet. Everyone had left, and they left her behind. She was going to have to get use to this, but she didn’t want too. The church, where the funeral was taking place, was only a few blocks from her house so she began to walk. Once she got there, she was taken a back by how many people showed up. She thought only her family was going to be there. She spotted her family at the front. Walking down the aisle she couldn’t help but notice all the people crying around her. Oh how much she wanted to hug them and tell them everything was going to be all right. “But I can’t” she told herself “they wouldn’t see me”. Once again she sighed. She arrived at the front and decided to sit between her mother and father. There wasn’t much room for her, and they wouldn’t move over, but she didn’t mind. Her parents were sobbing. She tried to comfort them, but she couldn’t. Not being able to bear looking at her parents crying, she went to stand in front of the casket. She stepped closer, and closer. She felt nervous but there was no going back now. She reached the open casket. She looked down at herself and smiled, “Rest in peace”. She turns around and begins to walk down the aisle. Past her family and friends. She exists the church and for once, she felt free.

Let me know what you guys thought about this! I’d love to hear feedback.

Thanks for reading ❤



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