Bookish Thoughts #4: Favorite Books I Read in 2016

This year was the year that I began to find my love for reading again. In January, I decided to participate on my very first Goodreads challenge. I decided to read 30 books and ended up reading 37. Because I read a lot of books (37 is a lot more than I use to read), I decided to reminisce on the books that I enjoyed the most.

In no particular order, here is my list.

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Top 5 Wednesday #3: Characters You’d Invite to Your New Year’s Eve Party

Hey everyone, I’m back!

I hope that you all had a really great holiday. Today I decided to do a top 5 Wednesday to get back on track.

This weeks topic: Characters You’d Invite to Your New Year’s Eve Party

1. Hermione Granger


Who wouldn’t want Hermione as a guest?

2. Charlie (Perks of being a wallflower)


I feel like Charlie and I would become really good friends.

3. Noah Shaw (Mara Dyer series)

Because I’m in love with him.

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A Christmas Post

Hey everyone!

Tomorrow I’m going to be traveling with my family and will be spending all of next week in Rio. Since I’m going to be at my uncle’s house with lots of other family members, I’m not sure how the wifi is going to be like. So just in case, I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

I hope you all get to spend christmas with all your loved ones! Hope you guys eat lots of delicious foods and get all the bookish gifts you’ve been hoping to get.

If I don’t get a chance to upload or be active on my blog during the week, just wanted to let you all know that I will definitely be back on the 26th 🙂

Thanks for reading ❤

Top 5 Wednesday #2: Series That Got Worse with Each Book/Season


You can find the Goodreads group here.

This weeks topic: Series That Got Worse with Each Book/Season – I opened this topic up to TV as well (which T5W is always open to by the way if you can’t think of book answers), but I think this topic is especially good for books and TV. What series started out strong but got increasingly worse with each book?

1. The Divergent Trilogy by Veronica Roth

I absolutely loved Divergent. I thought it was fast paced, the plot was interesting and I loved all the characters.

Insurgent was a bit too slow for my liking and the characters started to get really annoying.

By Allegiant, I was ready to call it quits. I still read it, but I really had to force myself to finish it. I didn’t dislike it because of the ending, I understood why it had to happen. I disliked it because the characters were constantly fighting and going behind each others backs (except Christina, she wasn’t too bad), and the plot just got way too messy.

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Book Review: The Retribution of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin


15768409Contains spoilers!

Book 3/3

Synopsis: Mara Dyer wants to believe there’s more to the lies she’s been told.
There is.

She doesn’t stop to think about where her quest for the truth might lead.
She should.
She never had to imagine how far she would go for vengeance. 
She will now.

Loyalties are betrayed, guilt and innocence tangle, and fate and chance collide in this shocking conclusion to Mara Dyer’s story. Retribution.

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Book Review: The Evolution of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin


13643567Contains Spoilers!

Book 2/3

Synopsis: The truth about Mara Dyer’s dangerous and mysterious abilities continues to unravel in the New York Times bestselling sequel to the thrilling The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer. Mara Dyer once believed she could run from her past.She can’t. She used to think her problems were all in her head. They aren’t. She couldn’t imagine that after everything she’s been through, the boy she loves would still be keeping secrets. She’s wrong. In this gripping sequel to The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer, the truth evolves and choices prove deadly. What will become of Mara Dyer next,

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Book Review: Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys


25614492This is a spoiler free review.

Synopsis: Winter, 1945. Four teenagers. Four secrets.

Each one born of a different homeland; each one hunted, and haunted, by tragedy, lies…and war.

As thousands of desperate refugees flock to the coast in the midst of a Soviet advance, four paths converge, vying for passage aboard the Wilhelm Gustloff, a ship that promises safety and freedom.

Yet not all promises can be kept.

Inspired by the single greatest tragedy in maritime history, bestselling and award-winning author Ruta Sepetys (Between Shades of Gray) lifts the veil on a shockingly little-known casualty of World War II. An illuminating and life-affirming tale of heart and hope.
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