Bookish Thoughts #2: If Songs Were Books + Happy Thanksgiving


I want to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving! May your day be filled with family, friends and good food ❤

If there is one thing you should know about me, is that I love music just as much as I love books. So I got to thinking, what if I merged the two together? I have gathered a few of my favorite songs and I will be seeing if I can connect it to a book, and explain why.

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Top 5 Wednesday #1: Books I Want to Re-read


I’ve seen this floating around on YouTube way before I made this blog, and always wanted to join in. Now that I have this blog, I finally can! 

You can find the Goodreads group here.

This weeks topic: Books I want to re-read – Though it seems like we are all constantly chasing the next upcoming release, let’s take a trip down memory lane and talk about some books that we’d like to re-visit.

1. Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen


I read this book about 3 years ago, and absolutely loved it. But since I read it so long ago, I completely forgot what happens, or how it ends. I’d love to re read it to remember why I enjoyed this book in the first place.

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Poetry #1: The Passionate Shepard to His Love


I was going through some of my old school documents, and ended up coming across one of my poems that I made my senior year of high school. Writing poetry for an english assignment was always something I enjoyed doing. I was never one for reading poetry, but for some reason, if someone gave me a prompt, I was always able to conjure something up. Now, I’m not saying this is any good, but I’m still proud of the outcome.

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Book Review: The Other Side of Him by Alice Rene


28818624Note: This is my very first review so please bear with me, and hopefully I will get better at this.

This was sent to me for review.

The review is spoiler free!

Synopsis: It’s the middle of the twentieth century, World War II is finally over, and Claire Wagner is on the brink of an exciting new life. With a well-deserved scholarship in hand, and much to her immigrant mother’s dismay, Claire flees the Chicago tenements for a prestigious graduate school program in California.

At first Claire keeps her nose tucked firmly into her books, but when her brother asks for a favor, she reluctantly agrees to a blind date. Greg turns out to be handsome, successful, and rich—and he’s definitely smitten with Claire. He introduces her to a sophisticated world she thought only existed in the movies, and before she knows it she’s trading her bobby socks and German home cooking for black silk and caviar.

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Bookish Thoughts #1: The Best Way to Start Off My Mornings


IMG_9327edit.jpgHappy Saturday everyone!
I’m going to kick start my morning with a good cup of joe, some waffles (eleven approves) and a book that has been on my radar for ages now. I’ve heard nothing but great things about Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys. I’m hesitant to start it because it has been pretty hyped up, but I hope it will be as great as everyone says it is.

I don’t know much about the book, all I know is that its a historical fiction, follows multiple point of views and that is takes place in 1945. If you have read this book was it good, bad, meh? Let me know your thoughts (spoiler free of course). I hope you guys have a great book filled Saturday.

Thanks for reading ❤

New Book Blogger Here!

Hello everyone 🙂

After contemplating for many months on whether or not creating a blog would be such a good idea, I finally plucked up the courage and made one, so here I am. Since I have an about me that pretty much covers the basics of who I am as a person, I decided I should talk more about what I will be writing on this blog instead.

On this blog you will find, reviews for books that I will be reading, book tag questions, random bookish thoughts and maybe some of my short stories (still debating on this one). I plan on doing a lot more but since I’m just starting out I want to test the waters first and see how my blog goes.

Since there are very few people who are avid readers in my life, I’d love to meet new people and discuss books with them.

Thanks for reading ❤